Stock trough action

Next door is a vacant 10 acre block that has 3 horses and 1 goat that thinks she is a horse :-).

Their dam dried up, so we arranged for a stock water trough to be put along my boundary fence, and I would use my bore to keep water in it. I used to fill it up every couple of days. When it was due to be filled, I checked its level and found these little guys!

They are crimson rosellas. They were sitting on a stick I had placed in the trough, just for this reason. They were so water soaked they couldn’t fly out. We got them out with a net, and they unceremoniously walked up the paddock and climbed a tree! At least one was a baby, because when it made its way up a tree and onto a branch two others turned up and fed it!

I added another stick … that I attached so that it didn’t sink.

That got me thinking as to what other animals were using it! So I set up an animal cam to record the visitors … here they are. There were starlings, white cockatoos, currawongs, eastern rosellas, galahs, indian minors, kookaburras, magpies, peewees, soldier birds and wattle birds. The horses were regular visitors, as was the goat 🙂

The crimson rosellas have decided to use other water sources around my yard and to stay away from the trough 🙂

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