March 2018

This month we have had a couple of visitors that the chooks weren’t too happy about!

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So I set up an animal cam to see what other visitors were coming to the farm! Only managed to get photos of the residents!

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Ninja enjoying his cat hammock 🙂

Ninja in the hammock

The geese have done a runner this month, and I haven’t managed to get them back yet. On a very windy day, they used the wind and flew over the fence. They are now camped on a neighbour’s dam, and are very suss whenever I approach!

Geese on neighbour’s dam

UPDATE! They are home! After much debate about going through the hole that ‘Mum’ had cut, 5 went through the hole. The other 2 remembered they could fly! One flew home, the other one needs more flying lessons, and learn how to turn! She ended up with the horses next door! I used a net to unceremoniously catch her and threw her over the fence!

My sister Karen was in the news 🙂

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